Summer Montileaux '17 Wins Award in Poetry Contest

posted on March 7, 2013 

Summer Montileaux '17 an 8th grade student at Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School in Porcupine, SD was presented with the award for 'Runner Upp in Poetry' in the Lakota Children's Enrichment's Celebrating Inspirational Lakota Women writing contest with her Poem entitled, "My Lady I Cherish and Love." Montileaux was presented with the award on Thursday, March 7 at Red Shirt School in Hermosa, SD.

My Lady I Cherish and Love
by Summer Montileaux '17
Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School

My lady I cherish and love. 
From thy womb, til’ now, she has been my keeper and protector. 
The flesh that covers my bones, is her flesh.
My warm blood in my veins, is shared with her. 

My protector, has protected me from the temptation of this cruel world.
Protected my fragile body inside of thy womb, and out.
My keeper, fights through the troubles that face her and comes through.
The faces. the harmful words of people who do not know, how strong and wise she is.

How humble and generous my lady is.
All day, everyday, she worries about me and my troubles, and if I’ll be here the next hour and day
My life, is the gift she gave me.
The most spectacular, wonderful gift I’ve received from her.
Til’ my last day, til’ my last breath, of everyone that can, I can love her the best.

In every moment we share, I swear we are infinite.
She is my keeper, protector, best friend, my mother.
Who has clothed me, fed my body, and fixed every problem with love and kind words.
We are binded together, with our love. 

She is the one who inspires me, with everything she has done.
her mistakes and flaws make her, that’s beauty I see.
I love her.
We accept the love we think we deserve.
We both accept it, and that’s what matters.
She’s my lady.


Left to Right: Sr. Rita Ostry, OLL Principal Theresea Lessert, Summer Montileaux, Mother - Janet Whiting