Beating the Toughest Odds, New Graduate Accepted to Seven Ivy League Colleges

One student at Red Cloud High School defied the negative statistics that continue to plague young people on Pine Ridge. Not only is nineteen-year-old Jacob Rosales going to college this fall, but he was accepted into seven of the nation’s eight Ivy Leagues. 



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Moving Forward: Red Cloud’s Fifth Annual Lakota Language Camp

August 2, 2018
Early this summer, under a warm June sun, small groups of Red Cloud students ran across campus calling out to one another in the Lakota language. They were taking part in a Lakota version of the “Amazing Race”.......Read More

Water is Life in Our Art: A New Documentary Film by Red Cloud’s Fourth Grade Class

August 2, 2018
For the Lakota people, both water and art can serve as medicine—something that is essential to human life. This new documentary film—conceptualized, directed, and edited by members of Red Cloud’s fourth grade class—explores the sacred.......Read More

ALUM | Samantha Janis, 2007

August 1, 2018
Samantha Janis did not reach this point in her life by travelling in a straight line, and that turned out to be a very good thing. Samantha’s path has equipped her with a wide and nuanced base of knowledge.......Read More

Jean Roach : Hówašte Profile

August 1, 2018
Jean Roach’s goal, in her art and in her life, is to keep evolving. During her early years as an artist, Jean explored a variety of media, including beadwork and leatherwork, before ultimately specializing in silversmithing........Read More

Breaking Ground, Creating Hope: New Housing Comes to Red Cloud's Campus

June 29, 2018
Although summer is often a quiet time at Red Cloud, this month brought the sounds of new construction to campus. With the support of generous partners and supporters from across the country, Red Cloud has officially begun to build new housing.......Read More

Living in Faith: Celebrating Confirmation Candidates in Red Cloud’s Parishes

June 29, 2018
Each spring, members of Red Cloud’s parishes come together on campus to honor those who have completed the spiritual journey of being confirmed in the Church. This year, as their families and loved ones looked on, 21 Confirmation candidates completed their final rite of passage into the Catholic faith.......Read More

“My days here have truly been a gift” – Fr. George Winzenburg Announces His Departure from Red Cloud in 2019

May 24, 2018
For the last 14 years—six as a board member and nine as president—Fr. George Winzenburg, S.J. has served Red Cloud with energy, compassion, and grace, working tirelessly to create new opportunities for our students and families, artists, parishioners, and many more......Read More

New Red Cloud 2018 Graduates Look Ahead to Bright Futures

May 23, 2018
On May 19th, Red Cloud Indian School held its high school graduation—and the members of the class of 2018 completed one more step in their educational journeys.....Read More

Red Cloud Senior Finds Her Voice and Follows Her Dreams

May 23, 2018
Taylahni Jackson’s first year as a high school student at Red Cloud wasn’t easy. As a ninth grader, she lived in a community more than an hour away from main campus, forcing her to get up at 4:30 am to get to the bus on time....Read More

Weaving Together Two Spiritual Traditions

April 16, 2018
Honoring both spiritual traditions in its approach to education and compassionate service is the very reason why Red Cloud has been able to make a significant impact in the lives of students, families, and community members...Read More

Meet more of Our 2018 Seniors!

April 16, 2018
With graduation just weeks away, our seniors are getting ready to take on their college campuses this coming fall and summer. Meet three more members of Red Cloud’s class of 2018...Read More

Leading the Way: Six Lakota Lay Ministers Commissioned at Red Cloud

March 18, 2018
Just over three years ago, a small group of parishioners from points across the expanse of the Pine Ridge Reservation gathered to embark on a sacred journey. As candidates in the Rapid City Diocese’s Lay Ministry...Read More

Meet Some of Our 2018 Seniors!

March 16, 2018
Graduation is just around the corner, and our seniors are getting ready to take on their college campuses this coming fall. Meet three members of Red Cloud’s class of 2018 as they contemplate their futures...Read More

“Getting Things Done” – Honoring AmeriCorps Members at Red Cloud

March 15, 2018
At Red Cloud, AmeriCorps member serve as key staff on campus, supporting lead teachers as classroom aides, coaching athletic teams, organizing resources as librarians, and so much more...Read More

Honoring Native Artists at the Red Cloud Indian Art Show

February 16, 2018
Donald Montileaux is one of the world’s most prominent Native American artists. And for 50 years, he has been a part of the Red Cloud Indian Art Show. Learn how his ledger art helps to sustain Lakota culture for future generations...Read More

Cutting-Edge Technology Comes to Red Cloud’s Classrooms

February 14, 2018
Thanks to Red Cloud’s new technology plan, in classrooms across both our campuses, cutting-edge tools and software are helping students grasp challenging concepts and build their skills in everything from math to science to reading. It’s even helping students practice speaking Lakota!...Read More

Giving Back to Her Classroom

January 30, 2018
Red Cloud eighth-grader Justina loves to read. So when she was presented with the opportunity to donate a large collection of new books to her own middle school classroom, she jumped at the chance...Read More

Across Two Reservations, Building a Spiritual Community

January 22, 2018
Each winter, Red Cloud’s parish team creates a unique day-long retreat for confirmation candidates—both youth and adult parishioners who are preparing to take the next step in their spiritual journey in the Church...Read More

VIDEO: What Red Cloud Students Dream Of

January 12, 2018
In the news, the Pine Ridge Reservation is often described as a place of poverty and despair. But at Red Cloud, we believe that—no matter what they face in their lives—our students can and will achieve their dreams...Watch Here

Growing a Community of Lakota Language Learners

January 5, 2018
Have you ever tried to learn a new language? If so, you know that becoming a proficient speaker takes work, but comes more easily if you practice with others as often as you can. That’s why every Wednesday evening you will find families gathering on Red Cloud’s campus...Read More

Hówašte Profile: Daniel McCoy

December 27, 2017
From the very beginning of his life in rural Oklahoma, Daniel McCoy was surrounded by the broadest range of artistic traditions. His grandfather, a furniture upholsterer and member of the Citizen Band Potawatomi...Read More

For Seniors, A Chance to Serve the Community

December 20, 2017
Service to one’s community is a central part of life at Red Cloud. And each year, every Red Cloud senior has the chance to design their own independent service project to address a social challenge or community need...Read More

Donor Highlight: Lisa and Steve Ryan

December 18, 2017
When she was just a teenager, Lisa Ryan’s family took a trip across the country—and driving across the Rosebud Reservation, she was stunned by both the beauty of the landscape. Determined to make a difference, she became an attorney and focused her career in Indian law...Read More

Bringing Culture Alive: Lakota Studies at Red Cloud

December 4, 2017
On a frigid November morning, a small group of Red Cloud students gathered before dawn and traveled together to Slim Buttes, a few miles from campus, to take part in a buffalo hunt...Read More

More Than a Month: Celebrating Native American Heritage

December 1, 2017
For nearly three decades, November has been known as Native American Heritage Month. It’s a time to honor all the rich and diverse indigenous cultures that have helped to shape this country’s history...Read More

Promoting Good Health from the Very Start

November 17, 2017
For many Red Cloud students, health isn’t just a subject to learn in the classroom; it’s a part of their dreams for the future. Over the last decade, as Red Cloud has developed a more comprehensive STEM...Read More

Autumn White Eyes - Changing the Narrative

November 9, 2017
As a high school student at Red Cloud, Autumn White Eyes found her voice by writing. She followed that passion through college at Dartmouth and in graduate school at Harvard, where she earned...Read More

New Native Voices, Rooted in Heritage

November 1, 2017
Native American Heritage Month recognizes the history and traditions of Native cultures. Audrey Jacobs, the Museum Educator at The Heritage Center, connects our Red Cloud students with concrete examples of this history...Read More

Building a Collection—New Acquisitions at The Heritage Center

October 30, 2017
Ultimately the goal is to grow the collection in a way that demonstrates not only the extraordinary talent of Native artists—but also the extraordinary diversity of their experience and perspective...Read More

Checking In With Alumni David Anaya '08

October 24, 2017
The system of academic support that David Anaya experienced at Red Cloud High School has truly come full circle. Dave’s current work with low-income youth in the Twin Cities during their college application process allows him to share the gift of guidance...Read More

Leading by Example: Three Red Cloud Teachers Pursue Advanced Degrees at Creighton

October 9, 2017
Red Cloud alumna Ethleen, Lisa, and Melissa all knew they wanted to focus their careers on supporting young people. While staying connected to the Red Cloud community, each one completed their bachelor’s degree...Read More

Red Cloud Students Attend the 40th-Annual American Indian Science and Engineering Society Conference

October 6, 2017
Recently, six Red Cloud high school students—all young women who hope to pursue advanced education in science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM—traveled to Denver to attend the 40th Annual AISES...Read More

Red Cloud’s Teachers - Opening Windows of Opportunity

October 4, 2017
Fourth-grade teacher Lyle Jacobs ’12 dreamed of becoming an educator. Today, he loves watching his students discover their own passions. But teaching on the reservation comes with its challenges, from lower salaries to a severe shortage of housing...Read More

Meet Our Counselors! Ron Kills Warrior

October 2, 2017
For Red Cloud graduate Ron Kills Warrior, stepping into the role of high school counselor is just the next step in his journey to support youth on the Pine Ridge Reservation...Read More

“Insight into the Art World” - An Internship at The Heritage Center

September 27, 2017
The Heritage Center’s internship program has brought young people from all over the Reservation and even all over the world to learn the behind-the-scenes work...Read More

Meet Our Teachers! Abigail Wotton

September 21, 2017
Abigail Wotton didn’t initially see herself as an educator. She studied English in college and graduate school and pursued work in journalism—all while writing her own works of fiction along the way...Read More

Catch up with Alumna Marissa Pitts '06

September 8, 2017
For Marissa, Red Cloud’s valedictorian in 2006, finding common ground with others has made all the difference in her life. Her experience moving halfway across the country and working as a nurse...Read More

Discover Hówašte Artist Mikayla Patton

September 5, 2017
Mikayla Patton was halfway through high school before she had the chance to take her first art classes, first in photography and then in drawing. But her teachers immediately recognized her talent and...Read More

A Conversation with Maka Clifford ’05: Red Cloud’s New Director of Curriculum and Assessment 

August 25, 2017
After going to college in San Francisco, teaching abroad in Japan, and earning his Master’s Degree at Columbia University in New York City, graduate Maka Akan Najin Clifford '05 fulfilled his dream of returning to Red Cloud’s...Read More

You Can Make a Difference – Keep Red Cloud’s Buses Rolling!

August 22, 2017
This month marks the beginning of a new school year. And that mean’s Red Cloud’s buses are once again on the roads, crisscrossing the 3,500 square miles that make up the Pine Ridge Reservation...Read More

Meet Alumna Tamera Miyasato, 1997

August 15, 2017
After developing a breadth of knowledge through a variety of educational and professional experiences, Tamera is now focused on supporting effective education in South Dakota schools and reconnecting high school students with their Lakota values...Read More

Changing Roles – Red Cloud Graduates Return to Campus as Interns

August 10, 2017
This summer, a group of six talented Red Cloud graduates returned to campus to serve as interns in the Community Relations office. As a team, they learned to give campus tours to visitors, to assist in the work of Red Cloud’s advancement staff, and...Read More

Charting a New ‘Faith Future’ at the Annual Tekakwitha Conference

August 4, 2017
The year’s conference was one of the largest in recent years—and members of Red Cloud’s parish team worked tirelessly to make the conference a success. From serving on the planning committee and leading workshops and...Read More

The Next Generation of Lakota Leaders: Red Cloud Featured in The Atlantic Magazine

August 3, 2017
In August, Red Cloud was featured in two deeply stirring articles published in The Atlantic magazine. Both pieces look closely about the ways in which Native youth on the Pine Ridge Reservation...Read More

Hówašte Artist Micheal Two Bulls

July 28, 2017
As a child, Micheal Two Bulls was surrounded by creativity. As part of a large extended family of Native artists, Michael watched his aunts and uncles create everything from intricate beadwork and work carvings to contemporary...Read More

Summer School at Red Cloud: A Time to Create

July 21, 2017
Audrey Jacobs, The Heritage Center’s Museum Educator, is passionate about bringing the collection into the classroom and inspiring students to create their own art. This summer she organized a range of activities for Red Cloud’s summer school students...Read More

Red Cloud Receives Federal AmeriCorps Grant

July 18, 2017
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Corporation for National and Community Service recently awarded Red Cloud a highly competitive, one-year AmeriCorps grant...Read More

In their Words—Red Cloud Students as Spiritual Leaders

July 13, 2017
Each day, community members engage in active dialogue on both Jesuit and Lakota spirituality. And together, their shared practice defines Red Cloud’s mission and identity...Read More

Announcing the 49th Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show Award Winners

July 12, 2017
The Red Cloud Indian Art Show is a juried competition, awarding over $7,000 in prizes in 24 different categories. With over 80 artists and 150 new works, it is our pleasure to announce this year's winners...Read More

Caught up with Alumna Kristin Weston '06

July 10, 2017
Her personality and drive have led her to pursue a career in nursing that involves working 13-hour night shifts in the High Risk Labor and Delivery Department at Methodist Women’s Hospital in Omaha...Read More

‘Our language strengthens us’—Community Gathers for the Annual Lakota Language Camp

July 5, 2017
For sisters Carrie and Brianna Beard—both recent Red Cloud graduates—learning to speak the Lakota language isn’t something they do for themselves. It’s about restoring the strength of their culture and community...Read More

One Mission, Two Spiritual Traditions: Tekakwitha Conference Brings Native Catholics Together

June 30, 2017
Pastoral associate Angie Stover has been a driving force in planning the annual Tekakwitha Conference. "It’s an opportunity for people to rejoice in the fact...Read More

“Native Pop” Introduces Pine Ridge Students to New Definitions of Native Art

June 21, 2017
All through this winter, the pure white walls in The Heritage Center’s gallery were alive with the vibrant color and bold graphics of “Native Pop.” Created by a collective of established and emerging Native artists, the exhibition uses the power of...Read More

Curriculum Development Expert Moira Coomes Becomes Red Cloud’s New Superintendent

June 19, 2017
After five years as Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Moira Coomes has been named Red Cloud Indian School’s new Superintendent of Schools, the first woman to hold the position...Read More

Beating the Toughest Odds, New Graduate Accepted to Seven Ivy League Colleges

June 13, 2017
One student at Red Cloud High School defied the negative statistics that continue to plague young people on Pine Ridge. Not only is nineteen-year-old Jacob Rosales going to college this fall, but he was accepted into seven of the nation’s eight Ivy Leagues...Read More

Meet Kaylynn Two Bulls, Class of 2007 Alum

June 9, 2017
Kaylynn believes that higher education holds the key to a bright future for her community. Just as teachers at Red Cloud gave Kaylynn the push to believe that college was possible, her role as a Jump Start Advisor at the South Dakota School of Mines...Read More

Science Scholars Program Leads Red Cloud Graduates to Pursue Degrees in Health and Medicine

June 7, 2017
For five of Red Cloud Indian School’s newest graduates, the last year has been filled with opportunities to explore the world of science. Each student was selected to participate in the Native American Healthcare Scholars Program...Read More

New Lakota Language Revitalization Efforts Take Shape at Red Cloud

May 26, 2017
Last fall, a group of Red Cloud students took part in a ceremonial buffalo kill. The Lakota people have a historical, deeply spiritual connection to the buffalo—or tȟatȟáŋka. As part of a school service program, this group of young men wanted to teach...Read More

Confirmation Candidates Complete a Spiritual Journey

May 25, 2017
On a recent Sunday afternoon, the stirring sounds of traditional Lakota drumming drifted from inside Holy Rosary Church and across Red Cloud Indian School’s campus. Inside, a group of families, relatives, and friends gathered for a special Mass...Read More

49th Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show to Feature Original Works by North American Native Artists

May 23, 2017
Each summer, for nearly half a century, the Red Cloud Indian Art Show has celebrated the work of Native artists from tribes across North America. As the only show of its kind held on a reservation, it has emerged...Read More

Celebrating their Accomplishments: Red Cloud’s Newest Graduates Earn Over $2 Million in College Scholarships

May 22, 2017
This weekend, Red Cloud Indian School held its high school graduation—and the 42 members of the class of 2017 completed one more step in their educational journeys...Read More

Meet Some of Our Graduating Seniors

May 20, 2017
We sat down with six seniors and talk about their upcoming plans, lessons they've learned from their time at Red Cloud and dreams for the future...Read More

Honoring the Voices of Lakota Artists

May 8, 2017
Once each month, Carmen Little Iron opens the doors of The Heritage Center’s gift shop and prepares to welcome artists from across the Pine Ridge Reservation. Wednesdays are buying days, when artists come to share their most recent work...Read More

May Hówašte Artist: Rochelle Goings

May 5, 2017
As a child, Rochelle Goings watched both her grandparents practice the ancient art of quillwork—a skill that had been passed down to them by their own ancestors. As members of the Red Cloud family, they served as keepers of this traditional Native art form...Read More

Healthy Life Choices Workshops Shed Light on the Challenges Facing Pine Ridge Youth

April 27, 2017
Red Cloud High School students spend the vast majority of their class time grappling with advanced concepts in math, exploring new periods in history, or mastering new conversations in the Lakota language. But this week, as part of a series of Healthy Life Choices...Read More

Educating the Whole Child: Student-Athletes Shine at Red Cloud

April 21, 2017
At Red Cloud, education isn’t just about what happens inside the classroom: the goal is to provide holistic support that nurtures each student’s mind, body, and spirit. Student-athletes like Mariah say that being involved in sports makes them stronger...Read More

Catching Up with 2002 Alumna Tracy Charging Crow

April 6, 2017
From rigorous academic training to the challenge of working with nervous patients, Tracy’s drive and commitment to her goals has propelled her to success in her career...Read More

Meet April Hówašte Artists: Denise Brown Eyes and Kristina Iron Cloud

April 1, 2017
In Denise Brown Eyes’ family, quilting is an artform that has been passed down from one generation to the next. Growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation, her first role models were her many aunts who taught her to sew...Read More

College Readiness at Red Cloud Starts Freshman Year

March 30, 2017
The process of preparing for college—from selecting schools and writing admissions essays to applying for scholarships and financial aid—can quickly become overwhelming. And that’s exactly why Red Cloud has created a holistic system to support students...Read More

Magis Volunteer Teachers Promote Excellence at Red Cloud

March 23, 2017
Red Cloud’s partnership with the Magis program began over a decade ago, and over the years, more than 20 Magis volunteers have served on campus as core members of the teaching staff...Read More

Making Lakota Immersion Education a Reality on the Pine Ridge Reservation

March 20 2017
On a crisp fall morning this winter, a group of kindergarteners at Red Cloud Indian School gathered around their teacher to listen to the classic story Where the Wild Things Are. But the teachers in this particular classroom did something different...Read More

Seven Red Cloud Students Awarded the 2017 Horatio Alger Scholarship

March 10, 2017
Each spring members of Red Cloud’s senior class wait patiently for news about the scholarships they hope to earn and the colleges they hope to attend. And last month, seven seniors received the exciting news they were waiting for...Read More

Acclaimed Native Poet Natalie Diaz to Teach and Perform at Red Cloud

March 7, 2017
Native poet and indigenous language advocate Natalie Diaz will be on campus this week as part of The Heritage Center’s Visiting Poet Series. In addition to leading workshops with Red Cloud high school students...Read More

February Hówašte Artist Virgil Poafpybitty

February 8, 2017
The art of carving pipestone runs in Virgil Poafpybitty’s blood. Growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation, he watched as his grandfather created intricate pipes, even helping at times...Read More

The Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University Highlights Art from The Heritage Center

January 26, 2017
Next month, in honor of Fr. Zuern’s legacy, his alma mater—Marquette University—will host an exhibition featuring 21 priceless pieces from The Heritage Center’s...Read More

Supporting a New Generation of Native Scientists

January 23, 2017
Each year, the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) hosts a one-of-a-kind, national conference focused on advancing the work of Native scholars in the STEM fields...Read More

Copyrighted and in the Classroom: Red Cloud Publishes Original Lakota Language Books

January 18, 2017
Over the last year, the LLP team has been hard at work writing, editing, and publishing their own Lakota readers. These brightly illustrated story books are designed to help students...Read More

Honoring Two Religious Traditions: Parish Team Launches Lakota Catholic Radio Hour

January 13, 2017
Almost every Friday afternoon, the sounds of beautiful, historical hymns float over the radio waves and across the rolling hills of the Pine Ridge Reservation. The familiar melodies come from the Christian tradition—but the words themselves...Read More

Celebrating Student Awards from the 40th Annual Lakota Nation Invitational

January 11, 2017
High school faculty, staff and students gathered in the Paul "Dizzy" Trout Memorial Fieldhouse to celebrate and honor the many student participants in the 40th Annual Lakota Nation Invitational (LNI) held in December...Read More

Preparing for a Sacrament: Day-Long Retreat Inspires Confirmation Candidates

January 5, 2017
On a frigid morning in December, Red Cloud parishioners from across the reservation gathered in the warmth of Christ the King Church, in the small community of Porcupine, SD. They came together for a day-long retreat designed to support...Read More