Red Cloud Christmas Craft Night  

December 6, 2019


On December 5, 2019, Red Cloud held their annual Christmas craft night! Our elementary students gathered with their parents, siblings, classmates, and teachers to create beautiful Christmas art! Gingerbread men were built, Christmas bags were decorated, tiny houses were painted, and snowflakes were made! 


Refreshments were served, consisting of tiny finger sandwiches, cheese, fruit, and lemonade. There was also a slideshow rotating pictures of our students involved in various school activities thus far. Please enjoy some photos of the wonderful night!


 Sister and student

Sister Otoli and first grader painting their Christmas houses!


student on craft night


Kindergartener decorating her Christmas bag! 


girls smiling on craft night 
First Graders decorating their Christmas trees!


Mom and daughter on craft night 

Mother and daughter building their gingerbread men! 


student making gingerbread man

Kindergarten student making gingerbread man! 


Sister and students on craft night

Sister Otoli and students painting their houses!


Fr. Klink and students on craft night


Fr. Klink sitting with our Immersion Kindergarten!




Photos © Red Cloud Indian School 


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