Heritage Center Plans Community-influenced Art Project Focusing on Connection to Horse

The Heritage Center's mission is to foster creative opportunities for, and understanding about Native artists and art, focusing on Lakota artists and their communities.

Today, The Heritage Center is taking that mission to the next level with the announcement of their community-influenced art project focusing on the connection between the Šúŋkawakȟaŋ Oyáte (the Horse Nation) and Native peoples of the northern plains.

“This project, which will develop through an artist-led, community-influenced process, will provide a platform for Native artists to express themselves and their culture in an authentic voice,” says Jose Rivera, director of The Heritage Center.

Learn more about the project and the FREE screening of the film that inspired it on 3/26.

News from Red Cloud Indian School

University Graduates Find Meaningful Experience at Red Cloud as Volunteers

posted March 25, 2015
IN THE NEWS - Loyola Marymount University
Loyola Marymount University will send two full-time post-graduate volunteers to Red Cloud Indian School next academic year. The volunteers, who live on the Red Cloud campus, will serve in roles such as teachers (elementary, middle and high school), librarians, aides or coaches.

AmeriCorps Program Continues to Benefit a High-quality Education

posted March 13, 2015
“Our AmeriCorps members have a tremendous impact in the school,” says Ted Hamilton, Red Cloud’s superintendent. Each year at Red Cloud Indian School, AmeriCorps members provide upwards of 40,000 hours of service to make a holistic education of the mind, body and spirit possible for our 600 Lakota students.

Staff Highlighted for Work as Coach, Counselor & Community Activist

posted March 12, 2015
Counselor and coach, Amanda Carlow was featured on the front page of the Rapid City Journal for her good work as a counselor, community activist and winning girls basketball coach. Coach Carlow has worked tirelessly with the Crusaders this season, and it has paid off. On March 12, 13 and 14, the Crusaders took on the best teams in South Dakota at the State A Championship!

Red Cloud Graduate Exceeds Expectations in University Lakota Class

posted March 5, 2015
IN THE NEWS - The Volante
The following article was published in The Volante, the University of South Dakota's student-run newspaper and news website. Colton Sierra graduated from Red Cloud Indian School in 2014 as a Gates Millenium Scholar and has gone on to study business and Lakota at the University after excelling in Red Cloud's innovative Lakota language program. 

Red Cloud Lakota Teacher Nominated for Life Changer of the Year Award

posted February 27, 2015
Philomine Lakota has been nominated for the Life Changer of the Year Award from National Life Group. She has taught the Lakota language at Red Cloud for nearly a decade and has championed language revitalization efforts throughout the community. Find out why the community supports here so much!

Literacy Day Continues Monthly School-Wide Reading Program at Red Cloud Elementary

posted February 20, 2015
Alyssa, a first grader, says her two favorite things are reading and "making things that go with books." Every month, Alyssa and her classmates get to do just that when her teachers at Red Cloud's lower elementary school building bring all their students together for an afternoon of engaged learning that they call 'Literacy Day.'

Sophomores Plan for their Future During Annual Spiritual Formation Retreat

posted February 6, 2015
"Growing up is both a period of great excitement and opportunity, and a time of challenge and temptation," says Meagan McMahon, a teacher in the spiritual formation department. "We created this retreat to help students take advantage of opportunities and deal with temptations in a healthy way

Celebrating National Catholic Schools Week

posted January 30, 2015
To celebrate, Red Cloud held special Masses, school spirit projects, writing contests, and community events for staff, students and families. Through these events, the school focused on the value of spiritual formation education for our students and our community.

Student Earns Scholarship, Looks Forward to Helping Community as a Nurse

posted January 27, 2015
The Horatio Alger Scholarship aims to support deserving young people who have overcome challenges in their lives in order to pursue higher education. Now Jaime is looking to the future with wide eyes and nervous excitement. “When I looked at my email and I saw the word ‘congratulations’, I seriously bawled tears of happiness," said Jaime. "It’s just such an honor, I’m really happy to get this.

Preparing College-ready Students with DBQs

posted January 29, 2015
Teachers came together to focus on incorporating DBQs into their classroom—also known as ‘Document Based Questions.’ During a recent workshop, presenters asked them to consider something utterly fundamental, yet often overlooked: What is the question we are looking to answer in this document?

Students Consider Healthy Relationships in School Seminar

posted January 29, 2015
Did you know up to 60% of High School Students experience dating violence before graduation? And, of those who experienced it, 25% of teens will tell no one. Today, each and every Red Cloud High School student learned about statistics like these, how to recognize an abusive relationship and what to do to keep themselves and others safe.

Supporting Student Achievement with an Innovative Curriculum

posted January 26, 2015
Red Cloud graduates should have achievement and fluency levels that enable them to both enroll in the college or university of their choice and be prepared to meet or exceed the college success rates of their peers nationwide. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of students who are college-ready in math, science, English and other core subjects.

Pastoral Ministry: A Year in Review

posted January 15, 2015
As we step into 2015, we reflect on where we came from and consider what we are growing toward. Our Pastoral Coordinator, Veronica Valandra, has curated a list of some of the most important events and developments from 2014. We encourage you to reflect with us and pray for positive growth in the new year.

Student Inspires Classmates to Pursue Higher Education

posted January 10, 2015
In this article, Bobby '16 explains his motivation for becoming involved in his community and working to inspire his classmates and future generations of students at Red Cloud Indian School and across the reservation. On January 8 and 9, Bobby, joined others for an informative panel discussion on setting achievable academic goals and getting the most out of your education.

Spiritual Formation Supports Student Success

posted January 08, 2015
While many schools around the country shy away from topics of faith and spirituality, Red Cloud Indian School incorporates not one but two spiritual philosophies into nearly every aspect of a student’s educational experience. This model, based on Ignatian pedagogy and Lakota spirituality is centered within the school’s Spiritual Formation Department.


Red Cloud's Lakota Language Program Highlighted

IN THE NEWS - South Dakot Public Broadcasting
posted December 27, 2014
Red Cloud students earned both first and third places in the LNI Lakota Language Bowl. South Dakota Public Broadcasting spoke with Philomine about Red Cloud's success with the languagend the competition at LNI.

Red Cloud Student Holds Holiday Part for Reservation Youth

posted December 22, 2014
On December 21, Summer hosted a Holiday Party for teens and young adults, from at the Rockyford School north of Red Cloud Indian School near the Badlands. The party for youth ages 13-24 reflects Summer’s passions: health and wellness, service and music.

Red Cloud Crusaders at the 38th Annual Lakota Nation Invitational

posted December 21, 2014
After four amazing days of academic and athletic competitions, the Red Cloud Indian School Crusaders have earned praise and accolades in multiple categories from Basketball to Cheerleading to Lakota Language.

Only Lakota Will Be Spoken in Student Film Project

posted December 18, 2014
Tama tȟá owóuŋspe él wayáwa wikčémna éhuŋni kiŋ wičhíte naškáŋškaŋ itówapi uŋ Lakȟótiya wóglakapi waŋ káǧapi. — Need a translation? You’ll have to ask a Red Cloud Indian School student.

Red Cloud Students Participate in Ceremonial Buffalo Kill

posted December 4, 2014
It was just as he remembered in his dream; a vision the night before. A large male buffalo stood on a ridge near Slim Buttes, just north of the Red Cloud campus. Steam rose from the shaggy animal's nostels in the quiet, frosty-blue lustre of early morning on the reservation. For a few moments everthing was still and quiet.

Colorado State Inspires Students with 'Little Shop of Physics'

posted November 26, 2014
Earlier this week, students and professors from Colorado State University joined together with students from Oglala Lakota College in the gym at Red Cloud Indian School with one goal: Demystify science.

Elementary Students are Winners in Speech Contest

posted November 24, 2014
Students at Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School (OLL) returned to applause last Friday, smiling ear to ear after students took first place in multiple competitions at the annual Shannon County Speech Contest.

America Magazine Produces Documentary on Red Cloud

IN THE NEWS - America Magazine
posted November 17, 2014
America Magazine immerses you in the sights and sounds of celebration at Red Cloud, while letting the students speak for themselves, about the challenges they’ve overcome, and the hopes they dream moving forward, for themselves and for their people.

Red Cloud Indian School Empowers Lakota

IN THE NEWS - Partners Magazine
posted November 07, 2014
Red Cloud President Fr. George Winzenburg describes the reality of life on the reservation and efforts the insitution takes to provide an education of the mind, body and spirit for the quarterly Jesuit magazine. Click on the cover for full access to this edition of Partners.

Meet Our New Red Cloud Volunteers!

posted October 30, 2014
After many months of interviewing and searching for creative, adventurous and brilliant people, Anne selected a talented and diverse group of new volunteers: Dominique Fenton, Matt King, Kate Amante, Maureen O'Brien and Vanessa Grisco.

Red Cloud Students Host Tribal Presidential Debates

posted October 29, 2014
On Wednesday, Red Cloud's Student Council member took hold of their futures during a reservation-wide Tribal Presidential Debate held on campus for community members, staff and fellow students. Students crafted and asked questions of attending candidates.

Red Cloud Hosts National College Fair for Community

posted October 27, 2014
Previously, students from reservation schools would travel upwards of 100 miles in order to visit a college fair—often at great expensive. That all changed this week when Red Cloud hosted a national college fair, right on campus!

Inside Out Project Brings Huge Murals to Red Cloud

posted October 24, 2014
Hi-ARTS has partnered with two talented photographers, Native American Willi White of the Oglata Lakota Tribe and Peter Pabon of Spanish Harlem, to document their communities for Inside Out: Mi Gente/Oyáte kiŋ

Innovative Lakota Curriculum Presented at National Conference

posted October 17, 2014
Staff from Red Cloud’s Lakota Language Project are presenting their language curriculum to professionals at the annual National Indian Education Association (NIEA) Conference in Alaska.


VIDEO: Language Curriculum Inspires Students

posted October 15, 2014
At the Red Cloud School on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Lakota is still the second language. But it's first in the hearts of educators and students who are bringing back the fast-disappearing language in a program that leads the nation.

Homecoming 2014 at Red Cloud Indian School

posted October 10, 2014
"I feel that this is my moment," said Mato, the quarterback for the Red Cloud Crusaders. "I've been waiting every year since I was a little kid to lead Red Cloud." Today Red Cloud takes on Lead/Deadwood after a parade and followed by a dance!

Students Learn About the Prairie with Puppets!

posted October 3, 2014
“Hello boys and girls!” Petey announced. Hannah’s eyes widened and a smile spread across her face as the fuzzy animal began explaining where he lived — the prairie — and how he and his family interact with all the other animals.


VIDEO: Toyota Grant Has Science Programs Blooming

Posted October 1, 2014
Reporter Kevin Woster of KELO-CBS News visited Red Cloud to see how the school's $210,000 Toyota USA Foundation grant will support STEM education initiatives at the school, including an ethnobotany curriculum and geodesic greenhouse.

Red Cloud Announces Jose Rivera as New Director of The Heritage Center

posted September 18, 2014
This week, Red Cloud Indian School announced the appointment of Mr. Jose Rivera as the new Director of The Heritage Center. Staff believe that Rivera’s impact on the world-renowned Native arts collection, gallery and gift shop will be significant.


Red Cloud Sophomore Wins Disney Grant to Help Community

IN THE  NEWS - Lakota Children's Enrichment
posted Septemeber 17, 2014
Summer Montileaux has won a national award funded by Disney ABC Television for making a lasting, positive change for her community and the planet. Summer will receive a $1,000 grant to implement more health and service projects around the reservation.

Celebrating AmeriCorps 20th Anniversary with SD Secretary of Tribal Relations

posted September 12, 2014
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the United States’ AmeriCorps program, JR LaPlante, South Dakota’s State Secretary of Tribal Relations was awarded the National Leadership Award on Red Cloud's Campus as 24 new AmeriCorps members were swore in.

Heritage Center Helps Connect Two Worlds, Supports Scientific Discovery

posted August 30, 2014
Domingo has utilized x-ray analyzers, 3D CT scanners and more to peer into the Center’s collection’s past in a culturally responsive way for the first time, while also protecting it for the future. What he discovered was nothing short of amazing.

Red Cloud Student Named Youth Ambassador for National Campaign

IN THE NEWS - Lakota Children's Enrichment
posted August 28, 2014
Red Cloud junior, Bobby Pourier was selected out of thousands of applicants by the Youth Service of America and the Festival of Children Foundation to be National Child Awareness Month Ambassador in support of improved education on the reservation.

New Bus Arrives, Promising to Get Students Back to School

IN THE NEWS - SDPB & Rapid City Journal
posted August 22, 2014
More than 47 million children are heading back to school across the country this month. But for 600 Lakota students on the remote Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, the road is not a smooth one. 

Graduates Support Community and Advance their Studies

posted August 15, 2014
We sat down with three alumni as they finish up their summer projects & prepare to begin a new year of college classes. Read on to hear from Shane ‘13, Ernest ‘12 & Deandra ‘11 learn how Red Cloud provided them with the skills they needed to succeed.

St. Ignatius:
Seeing God in All Things

posted July 31, 2014
With the help of the Jesuits, 600 children are empowered to ‘walk in two worlds’ at Red Cloud Indian School. And every year, there is a feast to honor St. Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus, who sought to ‘find God in all things.’

Language Camp Inspires Use of Endangered Language

posted July 22, 2014
For four days students and community members were immersed in Lakota language and traditional activities, as the school's Lakota Language Program took the new curriculum outside the walls of the classroom.

Bible School Nurtures Culturally Sensitive Faith

posted July 16, 2014
Throughout June and July, six distinct vacation Bible schools are held in communities across the reservation for area youth. From Oglala to Porcupine to Allen, the programming has covered an area nearly the size of Connecticut since the 1960s.

Who was Saint Kateri Tekakwitha?

posted July 14, 2014
July 14 is the feast day of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the first Native American to be canonized. For folks like Angie Stover, St. Kateri is source of strength for her and other Native-Catholic people on the reservation and across the world.

Help Students Win National Poetry Contest!

posted July 11, 2014
The Heritage Center partnered with Youth Speaks to bring the Raise Up contest to Pine Ridge. The poetry and spoken word contest challenged youth to address high school dropout rates while raising up their voice to national levels.

Community Comes Together at Heritage Center for Workshop

posted July 8, 2014
Unless you grew up in Japan, you might have missed out on the yajirobei, but artist Tadao Arimoto held a free workshop at The Heritage Center today allowing the community to express their creative side. 

Sisters of St. Francis Celebrate Decades of Service & Remember Sister Monica

posted June 28, 2014
The Sisters of St. Francis celebrate 75 years of service while reflecting on the life and legacy of Sister Monica Witte, OSF who spent much of her life in service of Lakota students at Red Cloud Indian School.

10 Reasons Why Red Cloud Indian School Stays Busy All Summer Long

posted June 18, 2014
By Sierra Concha '13
Red Cloud keeps students active during the summer while focusing on education and having fun with their friends! Alumna Sierra Concha’13 visited with staff and students in the schools, parish & The Heritage Center to see what’s keeping everyone so busy.

Teachers Take Red Cloud's Curriculum to the Next Level

posted June 13, 2014
Red Cloud continues to work in partnership with Bridgewater State University to put the school on track to graduate students that not only know the correct answer, but how to think critically about the question—a skill that top colleges are looking for.

Artist Profile: Dwayne Wilcox

posted June 8, 2014
Growing up on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Dwayne could often be found drawing and painting in his free time. Later in life, he utilized the arts to grapple with life’s challenges and celebrations and as a way to reconnect with his community when he was away from home.

2014 Red Cloud Indian Art Show Winners Announced

posted June 6, 2014
The Red Cloud Indian Art Show is the largest and longest running Native American art show of its kind in the country. Since 1969, the Red Cloud Indian Art Show has attracted thousands of visitors to The Heritage Center to the work of more than 50 artists.

46th Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show Opens to Rave Reviews

posted June 6, 2014
While the Art Show changes each year reflecting the ever-changing landscape of Native art, spectators at the opening of this year’s Red Cloud Indian Art Show were impressed with the innovation, intensity and quality of this year’s entries.

Graduation Photos!

posted June 1, 2014
On May 24th Red Cloud's Class of 2014 graduated under sunny skies amongst friends and relatives. Relive the events with photos from the annual Feather Tying, Baccalaureate Mass and Senior Slideshow, as well as the Kindergarten and 8th Grade graduations.

Two Sisters Establish Legacy of Good Will after 58 Combined Years of Service

Posted May 28, 2014
The sun was shining brightly Sunday morning as parishioners from the local community gathered to bid farewell to two Sisters on the Congregation of Notre Dame who have dedicated a combined total of 58 years to the mission of Red Cloud Indian School.

Honoring the Accomplishments of the Class of 2014

posted May 24, 2014
At Red Cloud, graduation isn’t just one day of celebrating. Over the course of several days, students, parents, families, teachers and staff came together to honor the accomplishments of Red Cloud’s 38 graduating seniors.

Students Take Next Step in Realizing Catholic Lakota Spirituality

posted May 21, 2014
Red Cloud and the greater parish community are devoted partners in supporting the growth of students’ minds, bodies and spirits. As confirmation day grew closer, one student said she could feel she was ready for her next step in getting closer to God.

SD Capitol Building by Jake DeGroot, creative commons photo 

Students Gain First-hand experience of State and Tribal Government

posted May 15, 2014
Earlier this month, three Red Cloud students walked into the State Capitol Building and prepared themselves to experience the process of turning a bill into a law through the state’s mock legislature program.

By Supporting Language Reviatlization, A Student Discovers a Love for Teaching

posted May 9, 2014
Red Cloud’s nationally recognized Lakota Language Program is now more equipped than ever to help revitalize the endangered language. With the help of students like Bianca, student’s are not only learning the language, they’re helping teach it.

In Class: First Grade

Teacher Blog Series
Do you remember what it was like to be in the first grade? It was a time when you spent your days working hard at your desk to figure out how to read the hands of a clock, or how to add double-digit numbers, or to understand how a seed turns into a tree. In this short-term blog series, we follow Miss Kylie's first grade class as they learn and grow. Come on in!

Students Enter the Shark Tank: Business Professionals Listen

posted April 29, 2014
Local business owners, donors, and staff met at the first annual "Shark Tank" business plan competition – organized by Red Cloud's Economic Development Initiative – where students presented their plans for the future of business on the reservation.

Five Red Cloud Students Earn Gates Millennium Scholarship

posted April 25, 2014
This week, five seniors at Red Cloud Indian School learned they would receive the Gates Millennium Scholarship—one of the most competitive scholarship programs in the country—allowing them to go to college without incurring any debt.


New Chromebooks Bring the Digital World to Pine Ridge

posted April 23, 2014
This spring, students began writing college essays doing homework on 150 new Google Chromebooks. With the isolation and poverty of the reservation, students can now close the achievement gap that comes with decreased access to technology.

Read, Listen & Watch Students Address Environmental Issues

posted April 22, 2014
Happy Earth Day! Red Cloud students recently entered the “Voices of the Land” contest and were asked to address environmental issues and their role in protecting and preserving the planet and nature. See what these Native American students had to say.

Red Cloud Senior Prepares to Play Basketball at Chadron State College

posted April 17, 2014

Students and Parish Community Celebrate Holy Week

posted April 18, 2014
All across the reservation, the Red Cloud community is immersing themselves in spiritual contemplation during this Holy Week. From the parish hall to the classroom, it is truly a season of love, learning and deep reflection here on campus.

Students at Our Lady of Lourdes Celebrate Holy Week with a 20+ Year Tradition

posted April 17, 2014
With an April shower falling softly outside, staff and students gathered for a Easter tradition that has been passed down for more than 20 years. Fifth graders presented a Passion Play, telling the story of Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection.

VIDEO: Red Cloud Local Volunteers Creating Positive Change at Home on Pine Ridge

posted April 12, 2014

Red Cloud Student Wins Disney Grant to Promote Nutrition on Pine Ridge Reservation

posted April 10, 2014
A recipient of the competitive Disney Friends for Change grant and a Youth Advisory Board member, Summer is already changing her community for the better despite being only 14 years old and a freshman at Red Cloud High School. 

Student Perseveres, Signs Letter of Intent to Play College Football

posted April 8, 2014

The Red Cloud Indian Art Show Set to Open June 1, Celebrates 46 Years on Pine Ridge

posted April 3, 2014
In the summer of 1969, a small art exhibition took place on the campus of Red Cloud Indian School. 46 years later the Red Cloud Indian Art Show remains a major annual event. The show opens June 1 and run through August 10, open daily with FREE admission. Over $7000 in prizes will be awarded in 24 different categories.

19 Bright Yellow Buses,
600 Brighter Futures

posted April 1, 2014
Most of the School’s busses are over 14 years old and pushing 300k miles. And the abuse of daily driving on rough reservation roads are making it difficult to keep up with repairs. We desperately need new vehicles to get students safely to school.


School Addresses Cyber-Bullying with Health and Well-being Series

posted March 29, 2014
More than half of students say they have been bullied online and suicide is a major issue on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Red Cloud Indian School’s counseling department is stepping up to the statistic in a series of healthy choices presentations.

The Heritage Center Opens Student Art Gallery

posted March 28, 2014
After weeks of planning and preparation, students at Red Cloud Indian School unveiled the a new Student Art Gallery at The Heritage Center and with it, an inaugural exhibition, curated by the high school’s art class.

Red Cloud Student-Athletes Play Alongside the Denver Nuggets

posted March 27, 2014


Community Gathers at Sacred Heart Church to Nourish the Body and Soul

posted March 24, 2014
Through the work and sacrifice of women like Wanda Standing Bear, Sacred Heart Church in Pine Ridge has become a staple in the community. Regardless of faith or religious denomination, the church welcomes all those in need of warm food, warm clothes—or simply fellowship.

Photo of BNP Youth Camp © Jessica Bryant, 2014

Students Gain Perspective From National Park Excursion 

posted March 21, 2014
Students from Red Cloud learned about the geology, history, paleontology, land rights and law enforcement during a 4 day camp at Badlands National Park. Hiking, science lessons and a Q&A on the proposed Tribal National Park rounded out the experience.

Creighton University Medical Students Present on Health & Well-being at Red Cloud

posted March 14, 2014
Eight medical students from Creighton University traveled to Red Cloud to present on health and well-being in support of the children on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, where suicide, diabetes and heart disease far surpass the national average.

Senate Candidate Rick Weiland Meets with Red Cloud Students

IN THE NEWS — Indian Country Today
posted March 7, 2014
During a day of meetings on the Pine Ridge Reservation, U.S. Senate Candidate, Rick Weiland participated in a roundtable discussion with students from the Lakota nonprofit, Red Cloud Indian School about education, the keystone XL, and public service.

Students Come Together During Read Across America Day

posted March 3, 2014

Drawing Lakota Lessons from an Anthem

posted February 28, 2014
Through engaging lessons like these, linking contemporary realities with Lakota history, Maka believes that his students are gaining a deeper understanding of their culture. Having that knowledge, he says, will help support a new generation of Lakota leaders.

Class of 2014: Supporting Each Other's Dreams, For College and Beyond

posted February 27, 2014
Red Cloud’s Seniors have sent over 170 applications to schools across the country with plans to pursue fields including healthcare, science, engineering and business. And the acceptance letters are rolling in!

Students Raise Money for Leukemia Research, Jesuit Shaves Beard

posted March 5, 2014

Lakota Language Students Use Video to Practice Grammar

posted February 20, 2014
Waŋ, waŋží or waŋžíni—can you use one in a sentence? Lakota language students at Red Cloud are busy learning from the first-ever K-12 Lakota Curriculum, and they've made a video to help their classmates understand the grammar rules.

A Lakota Studies Curriculum for the Next Generation

posted February 23, by Maka Clifford '05
As the current teacher of the Lakȟóta Studies class in the high school, I believe in the possibility of a different Lakȟóta studies curriculum. One that acknowledges a proud but often disheartening past and transforms into a bright and open future.

Red Cloud Students Learn Connection Between Song & Culture

posted February 22, 2014

At The Heritage Center, An Intern Explore Her Roots

posted February 13, 2014
When I first came to The Heritage Center, I’d wanted to do an exhibition on the similarities between the Lakota and Hmong people—an indigenous group in Asia. Being Hmong, I knew both were nomadic tribes and challenged by poverty and access to education.

Lakota Ledger Artist Visits Class as Part of Lesson on Heritage Art

posted Februrary 11, 2014
The Heritage Center’s Museum Educator, Brandie Macdonald worked with staff, students and a local artist to bring traditional ledger art directly into the classroom. She believes it has tremendous educational value for Native students.

Students Enter 'Voices of the Land' Art & Writing Contest

posted February 13, 2014

Savannah's Journey: Discovering a Love for Science

posted January 31, 2014
Savannah Jensen is just a few months from graduating. She’s busy finishing her college applications—Stanford is at the top of her list. But wherever she goes, it will be shaped by something she discovered at Red Cloud: her passion for science.

Six Students Earn Prestigious Horatio Alger Scholarship

posted January 30, 2014
Six students have been awarded the prestigious Horatio Alger Scholarship at Red Cloud Indian School—twice the number of any school in South Dakota and the most the school has had in a single year. 

Red Cloud Works to Increase Native American Representation in Science

posted January 29, 2014
Today Native American students make up less than one percent of those earning advanced degrees in science and engineering. But three years ago, Red Cloud set out to change that fact—starting right here on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

New Greenhouse Allows for Experiential Learning

posted January 28, 2014
Red Cloud's Superintendent says the greenhouse represents a unique opportunity for students to engage with their heritage, consider their place in the environment and work for change. It’s a tool for them to explore the timeless, yet dynamic world around them.

Our Lady of Lourdes' Library Gets a 21st Century Makeover

January 22, 2014
“Before this renovation, our library was seriously outdated. But now, entering the library, students have been amazed at the ease of finding many new books, as well as the old ones. It’s very well organized, and student feedback has been very positive." 

A Healthy Rivalry: Relatives Join Together to Cheer on Local Basketball Teams

January 10, 2014
This week, for the first time since 1992, the Pine Ridge Thorpes and Red Cloud Crusaders met on the court on Red Cloud’s campus in a field house packed with family and friends, cheering them on.

Fourth Grade Attends a 'Symphony Safari'

January 9, 2014
The sound of violins and horns filled the air as the orchestra began to play. Shortly after the first string piece concluded, a young student leaned over to her chaperone that day, Fr. Peter Klink, SJ. Without taking her eyes from the stage, she whispered, “this is magnificent!”

Building a Lakota Catholic Parish

January 6, 2014
Fewer Jesuits have come to the reservation in recent decades—a reflection of an overall decline in Jesuits across the country. Church leaders and Red Cloud educators believe the parish’s future now depends on the involvement of Lakota lay ministers.

Preserving a Heritage Art Collection in Isolation

January 3, 2014
As The Center’s Collections Manager, Mary Maxon spends her days preserving and maintaining its massive, 10,000-piece collection of Native art, nestled in the hills of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, more than 100 mi from Rapid City, SD.

Red Cloud at the 2013 Lakota Nation Invitational 

December 21, 2013
An overview of Red Cloud Indian School's involvement in the 37th annual Lakota Nation Invitational. Includes video, audio, photo gallery and slideshow, stories and results!

Photo by Chris Huber, Journal Staff

After Six Years and $2.2 Million, School Fights to Save Lakota Language

IN THE NEWS — Rapid City Journal
December 15, 2013
In this telling piece, Red Cloud Indian School is highlighted for leading the way in the preservation and revitalization of the Lakota language.

Image by Swikar Patel, Education Week

Education in Indian Country: Obstacles and Opportunities

IN THE NEWS — Education Week
December 4, 2013
In this comprehensive piece by the nation's premier publication on K-12 education, Red Cloud Indian School is highlighted through a multimedia look inside Native education.